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Making Methane Emissions Visible, Measurable and Manageable

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The Kuva Solution:

Gas Cloud Imaging

We provide a cost-scalable turnkey solution consisting of a patented non-thermal infrared camera and a cloud monitoring service that provides oil and gas companies with timely and visual notifications of methane and VOC emissions, enabling oil and gas operators to quickly and visually identify leaks so they can be repaired, helping meet ESG and methane intensity goals while optimizing operational processes.

Be the First to Know

Visual confirmation pinpoints leaks allowing you to react quickly.

Eliminate Manual Inspections

Image based confirmation and measurements eliminate the need for secondary manual inspections.

Selectable Fields of View

Monitor up to 270° of you most important points of interest

No Calibration Or Maintenance

Our solution runs autonomously so you can set it and forget it.
Kuva Solutions

Actual imagery from field measurements - not a rendering

Visual Confirmation

Our turnkey industrial IoT solution offers continuous monitoring and quantifies the intensity of methane and VOC emissions. The scanning infrared imaging system automatically detects and measures emissions and provides operators with an annotated and animated clip of the leak. With this information, operators can take action to implement repairs without the need for secondary manual inspections. With Kuva you will receive:

  • Image-based notifications
  • No false alarms
  • Root cause analysis
  • Access to 360° asset view
Kuva Platforms

Video clip shows prototype with actual field measurement data - not a rendering. Final user interface may differ from the concept shown above.

Relevant Time Alerts

80% of methane emissions are caused by a small number of very large leak events, often due to equipment malfunctions. Our area imaging system automatically and continuously monitors high-risk sites to identify leaks as they appear, without human intervention. The solution equips the oil and gas industry to improve operations and meet ESG and methane intensity goals by mitigating leaks. It also documents the absence of leaks to assure ESG investors, regulators, and the public.

Kuva Solutions

Visual dashboard is under development.  Final user interface may differ from the concept shown above.

Measurable Detection

Each installed camera pinpoints the leak location, then quantifies and visualizes its volume and release rate. The imagery is annotated with color overlay measurements of gas density at each pixel, embedded in a short image sequence captured by the Kuva camera, and relayed to the Kuva cloud. Images are validated with visualization tools prior to their transfer, eliminating false alarms. Custom alarms and analytics can be configured by the operator in the Kuva cloud to support reporting preferences.

Video clip shows prototype with actual field measurement data - not a rendering. Final user interface may differ from the concept shown above.

How does it work?

Our shortwave infrared (SWIR) camera uses proprietary spectroscopic imaging to provide actionable insight with colorized images of gas plumes, along with the process equipment for root cause determination, leading to expedient elimination of emissions. The proprietary SWIR implementation combined with Kuva’s Azure IoT Edge, and no-false alarm cloud component provides assurance of actionable image notifications. The Kuva camera provides oversight from 30-40ft above with a 50 ̊ vertical field of view (FoV). Using the integrated pan-stage, the user can opt to monitor up to 6 user-selected FoV’s, of up to 45 ̊ each, for a combined 270 ̊ out of the possible 360 ̊ and has a 100m (328ft) diameter range. For image delivery and device management, the camera is connected to the Azure Cloud via integrated LTE or Ethernet. Designated users are notified by email or text that an event has occurred with a link to the event image series. We do not leave much to the imagination when it comes to interpreting results. The dashboard presents a series of images as an animated gif, as well as wind speed and direction. As a picture is worth a thousand words, the relative plume size, and source provide certainty to operators, aiding their diagnostic efforts.

Kuva Technology

Visual dashboard is under development.  Final user interface may differ from the concept shown above.

Optimize Operations and Increase Revenue

Gas cloud visual documentation — time-stamped and annotated — is relayed to the work order management system or directly to field operators for leak mitigation. Visual evidence replaces costly and potentially dangerous secondary inspections by on-site gas detection teams. By finding and fixing large leaks fast — before they become super-emitters — Kuva accelerates mitigation response times, increases gas recovery, and improves overall economic performance.

Kuva cameras have been installed in the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas Gulf Coast, Permian Basin, Anadarko’s SCOOP, Williston Basin and Alberta since 2020, and have been independently validated by the Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) with the Advancing Development of Emissions Detection (ADED) protocol. They are rated for -40 ̊C to 70 ̊C (-40 ̊ to 158 ̊F).

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