Kuva Technology

Quantifying a methane plume from a tank vent is a multivariate engineering challenge.

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The Kuva Technology:

Augmented Reality Imaging

Kuva breaks the measurement problem down into clear data capture needs and purpose-built measurement tools. Its edge computing platform detects and visualizes emission events, captured in day-only or day-night mode, then transfers quantified visuals to the cloud in real-time. False-alarm mitigation and plume quantification are performed in the cloud. Augmenting the reality of on-site imagery with actionable information about emission dynamics guides operational decision making.

Kuva Technology

Actual image of underground methane leak

Confusion-Free Detection

Reveals methane presence via non-thermal IR imaging.

The Kuva camera technology sees through water vapor and steam to create noise-free pixel-level imaging detail for emissions from equipment or underground sources. The unique design of the system eliminates any confusion from background thermal infrared radiation in a scene.

Kuva Technology

Day & Night Operation

Allows for day-only and day-night data capture modes.

The Kuva platform is configurable for lowest-cost, daylight only operation, and day-night data capture via an illuminator-reflector module. The low-power illuminator is integrated within every Kuva camera and activated by software as needed. Reflector assemblies are based on simple, rugged road signs and require no detailed adjustment.

Fail-Safe Validation

Confirms emission data accuracy at the camera and in the cloud.
Kuva Technology

Gas cloud telemetry is pre-processed initially in the camera to control for ambient variables on-site. Telemetry transferred to the cloud is further validated by Kuva processing software to eliminate false-positive alerts. This resilience equips operators to focus scarce resources on known leaks while avoiding costly manual confirmations.

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