Kuva Platform

Engineered to affordably and reliably pursue more leaks, at more sites, more often.

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The Kuva Platform:

End-to-End Measurement

Kuva Platform End-to-End Measurement

Kuva provides a turnkey solution for cost-effectively monitoring assets prone to emission events, including above ground infrastructure and underground gathering pipelines. On-site cameras provide an adjustable 360˙ field of view. Captured images are first qualified by the Kuva cloud to eliminate false-positive alerts and then quantified for display in a data dashboard. Email alerts and work order requests can be relayed directly to site operators or to a customer cloud.

Kuva Platforms


Hardware engineered for easy set-up and operation.

The mast-supported, surface-mounted imaging system requires no ground penetration and operates via solar-charged batteries or on-site DC power. The camera pan stage is integrated into the camera itself and can be positioned at any angle to provide a 360˚ site view.

Kuva Platforms


Systems optimized for effortless automation.

Site assets are monitored automatically and error-free, minute-by-minute over days or years, with no on-site staffing required.  Preferences for the camera viewing angle, alarm limits, and documentation delivery methods can be set by the operator over a convenient browser-based dashboard.

Kuva Platforms


Solutions designed to quantify elusive gas formations.

Patented analytics software operates pixel-by-pixel to visualize gas cloud data and eliminate false-positive alerts. Proprietary algorithms enable Kuva to see emissions through water vapor or steam and calculate emission rates for individual leak site images, averaged over hours, days, or weeks.

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