Continuous Methane Monitoring with Actionable Images

In order to visualize the camera installation, this video clip combines actual leak imagery and stock photography.

Continuous Remote Monitoring

We provide continuous images of methane emissions from a safe operating distance at well sites, facilities, compressor stations, tank batteries, and sites with flares where emissions are known to be sporadic, intermittent and problematic.


Visual Confirmation

Our colorized images allow you to quickly and visually identify leaks so they can be repaired, helping meet ESG and methane intensity goals while optimizing operational processes.


Cost Scalable

Our cost-scalable solution consists of our patented non-thermal infrared camera and cloud monitoring, no false alarm services that are scalable across extensive assets.


You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

We believe continuous monitoring must be visual to be actionable because you can’t fix what you can’t see.
Our cameras create a colorized gas plume image of otherwise invisible emissions that show the precise emission leak source. Each event is time-stamped so you can correlate emissions data with SCADA data, exposing the underlying process conditions that caused the leak.

For a more technical perspective, watch our Product Overview Video.

70% of emissions
  • • by 2% of assets & occurrences
  • • very intermittent
  • • ideal for Continuous-OGI (optical gas imaging)
30% of emissions
  • • small operational emissions
  • • scattered across 98% of assets
  • • suited for Handheld-OGI

You Have to See It to Solve It

Continuous Visual Monitoring

We understand the increased need to continuously and remotely monitor methane and VOC emissions and be able to quickly respond.

Image-based Notifications

"No False Alarm" Assurance

Root Cause Analysis

Access to 360° Asset View

Product Overview Video

Gain Actionable Insight
with Image-based Notifications

Gas Cloud
Our continuous infrared imaging system automatically detects and measures emissions and provides operators with an image sequence of the leak, helping the operator determine the level of importance.
Quantified Volume & Release Rate
Our proprietary low-cost camera design looks for hydrocarbon signatures at every pixel. Operating with non-thermal infrared light lets us avoid confusion with steam and water vapor and allows us to precisely locate and measure emissions across a site.
Time Stamped
Time-stamped images correlated with SCADA data provide insight to root cause analysis, with benefits such as:
• preventing future emissions
• allowing mitigation remotely
• reducing costly, time consuming field visits
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What Our Customers Have To Say

“We are excited to be an early adopter of Kuva’s solution. We believe that the technology, combined with our SCADA data, provides a more fulsome view of our operations and allows us to better understand and mitigate environmental impacts.”
Marathon Oil

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Onshore Wellsite Automation Congress 2023
Kuva will be exhibiting at the Onshore Wellsite Automation Congress 2023 in Houston, TX.



Kuva will be exhibiting at CERAWeek in Houston, TX.



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Kuva will be exhibiting at GPA Annual Technical Conference in Plano, TX.



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Make the Invisible Measurable

Decrease Response & Resolution Time

  • Receive timely notifications with colorized gas plumes of invisible emissions that show the precise emission source
  • Eliminate false alarms
  • Remove worry knowing you have continuous monitoring that is visual and actionable
  • Scale the solution across equipment and facilities
  • Know your choice of monitoring technology is validated by the leading methane technology experts at METEC.
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Latest News

January 25, 2023
Kuva Systems, the leading Industrial IoT methane emission detection platform, announces $11.3M Series A investment to accelerate Greenhouse Gas reductions.

The round is led by Climate Innovation Capital and co-led by Draeger, with participation from existing investors.

November 21, 2022
The Inflation Reduction Act Tackles Methane Emissions

There’s a lot of talk about tackling climate change these days. If you listen to the media, you’d think that the solution is to electrify everything, but that’s meaningless if you do not have access to a clean, efficient, sustainable, low-cost way of generating electricity. However, not everywhere has adequate wind or sun resources, and with over 315 wind project rejections since 2015, and neither of those two being “available on demand”, natural gas is the only viable option for the foreseeable future. The goal, then, is to produce natural gas as cleanly as possible.

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CH4 Connections Conference -
Silver Sponsor

Nov 17 – 19, 2020

Kuva is excited to be a Silver Sponsor of this year's CH4 Connections Conference to be held November 17-19th. This conference has gained the reputation as the preeminent conference on methane detection and mitigation in the US. Catch the Kuva pitch during the Showcase on November 18!


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