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Regulatory Approval Received for Kuva Systems’ Continuous Methane Monitoring at Whitecap Resources Facilities in Alberta

Kuva cameras deemed equivalent to traditional OGI inspections by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for its alternative fugitive emissions management program (AltFEMP)

Calgary, AB (March 17, 2022) Kuva Systems, a leader in methane visualization for environmental, social and governance (ESG) and net-zero attainment by the oil & gas industry, announced today that the company’s infrared camera and continuous monitoring solution has been approved by Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) as part of Whitecap Resources’ alternative fugitive emissions management program (AltFEMP) in Alberta.  As part of the approved pilot, Kuva’s proprietary infrared imaging cameras have been installed at Whitecap facilities in Alberta. The AltFEMP approval acknowledges Kuva System’s camera as equivalent to traditional manual OGI inspections. The facility approval is believed to be the world’s only methane regulatory equivalent for currently available continuous optical gas imaging cameras.

“We’re thrilled that Whitecap Resources has been approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator to use our solution to monitor and identify methane emissions,” said Monica Sippola, Director of Business Development, Kuva Systems. “Field installations have shown that Kuva’s continuous, installed cameras result in more emission reductions, because emissions are detected much faster than by quarterly or annual OGI inspections.”

Kuva's solution is the only cost-scalable methane camera platform in the market. Kuva’s solution enables upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to meet ESG goals and to surpass regulatory compliance by quickly identifying leaks and analyzing and fixing the root causes of emissions. Kuva cameras are operating at upstream and midstream facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Colorado and Alberta. 

Kuva’s industrial IoT platform provides alerts with colorized video clips of otherwise invisible gas plumes when methane emissions are detected and verified. The ability to see precisely which equipment is releasing emissions and when, enables field operations to cross-check with their  process data, and to then remotely determine root-causes, and often resolve the issue - without the need for an in-person investigation. With stringent regulations proposed for methane emissions at oil and gas sites across North America and globally, solutions like Kuva’s camera will be prioritized by the industry as part of a broad effort to curtail on site leaks.


About Kuva Systems 

Kuva Systems is a leading methane monitoring technology company focused on making the invisible measurable and manageable. With offices in Boston, Houston and Calgary, Kuva’s patented infrared camera and cloud monitoring solution provide oil and gas companies with timely notification of methane leaks and the ability to investigate root-causes of emissions. Kuva’s solution enables upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to improve their operations and meet ESG and methane intensity goals. 

For more information, visit: https://www.kuvasystems.com


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