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July 28, 2022

NGIF Industry Grants Provides Funding for Kuva Systems

NGIF Industry Grants, a division of NGIF Capital Corporation, is supporting the demonstration of Kuva Systems’ camera-based continuous monitoring solution for methane emissions.

NGIF Industry Grants Provides Funding for Kuva Systems

OTTAWA, ON (July 28, 2022) NGIF Industry Grants, a division of NGIF Capital Corporation, is supporting the demonstration of Kuva Systems’ camera-based continuous monitoring solution for methane emissions. In this $360,000 project, partly funded by NGIF and Emissions Reduction Alberta, Kuva will commercially demonstrate its low-cost, automatic methane imaging solution for continuous detection and quantification of tank emissions at upstream and midstream oil and natural gas sites.Kuva Systems is a leading methane monitoring technology company focused on making emissions measurable and manageable while helping upstream and midstream oil and gas companies meet ESG goals and exceed regulatory compliance. With offices in Boston, Calgary, and Houston, Kuva's patented non-thermal infrared camera and cloud monitoring solution provides oil and gas companies with timely notification of methane leaks and the ability to investigate root causes of emissions.

Kuva will demonstrate its camera-based monitoring solution for unsupervised detection and continuous quantification of emissions at 40 upstream sites with several NGIF project participating members. NGIF participants in the project are Birchcliff Energy Ltd., Cutbank Dawson Resources Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation), CSV Midstream Solutions, Perpetual Energy Inc., PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd., Shell Canada Energy, and Tourmaline Oil Corp.

Currently, the cameras are used to monitor methane emissions at the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre, which is a platform for startups to validate their solutions in a collaborative and live gas operations environment. The cameras continuously detect and visualize methane emissions off liquid storage tanks.

“Innovative, accurate methane detection and measurement technologies like Kuva’s are important in helping the gas industry understand and reduce their emissions,” said John Adams, President and CEO of NGIF Capital Corporation and Managing Partner of NGIF Cleantech Ventures. “NGIF Industry Grants and its focus on startups de-risking clean technologies through field trials and pilots are part of NGIF’s integrated model of industry validation, customer creation, and market commercialization.”

“Tank emissions are the main contributor to upstream oil and gas methane emissions. Currently, there is no safe and cost-effective measurement and monitoring solution of vent emissions for an extended period of time to help oil and gas producers measure them to determine mitigation alternatives,” says Stefan Bokaemper, CEO of Kuva Systems. “We are thrilled to be able to demonstrate the Kuva solution to the NGIF oil and gas company partners to help them reduce emissions with the ability to investigate root causes of emissions and improve operations.”

“It is exciting to see NGIF supporting technologies like Kuva’s camera-based continuous monitoring solution. When we created NGIF, it was our vision to bring the entire natural gas value chain together to support cleantech development that enhances environmental and economic performance for the sector. I am glad to see our vision in action,” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association and Chair, NGIF Capital Corporation, which operates NGIF Industry Grants.


About NGIF Industry Grants
NGIF Industry Grants is a first-of-kind, industry-led grant organization to fund early-stage startups developing solutions to environmental and other challenges facing Canada’s natural gas sector. NGIF Industry Grants develops, demonstrates, and de-risks these technology solutions through field trials and pilot projects to drive innovation and support environmental goals in Canada. NGIF Industry Grants’ investment focus is on existing natural gas production, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use applications, as well as projects that will lead to the expanded production of emerging gaseous fuels like renewable natural gas and hydrogen.The organization has built a portfolio of startups, trusted partnerships with the government for co-funding opportunities, and a robust technical evaluation investment model. NGIF Industry Grants is operated by NGIF Capital Corporation.

About Canadian Gas Association
The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s gaseous energy delivery industry, including natural gas, renewable natural gas (RNG), and hydrogen. CGA membership includes energy distribution and transmission companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of goods and services to the industry. CGA’s utility members are Canadian-owned and active in eight provinces and one territory. CGA members meet 38 per cent of Canada’s energy needs through a network of over 573,000 kilometres of underground infrastructure. The versatility and resiliency of this infrastructure allows it to deliver an ever-changing gas supply mix to over 7.3 million customer locations representing approximately two-thirds of Canadians. CGA members ensure Canadians get the affordable, reliable, clean gaseous energy they want and need. CGA is also working to constantly improve that gaseous energy offering, by driving forward innovation through the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF).


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